Leaving You Behind

I’m leaving you behind,

(To put) you – right out of my mind,

To start a new day, (I’ll start a new day)

Where all my fears will melt away,

From the sunshine of the Lord’s love,

No need to get away,

For the Lord is my fortress,

My comfort in distress,

There’s no need to drown my sorrows or get high on drugs,

For freedom is truly from above.

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When Glory Comes

Peace like a river,

Will flood over my soul,

When glory comes,

Sighing and sorrow,

Will melt away,

When glory comes,

Though times seem so tough,

And the world seems so cold,

We know there is hope,

The LORD gives us freedom

Through the truth of His Word,

Precious hope,

Precious Word,

The LORD is kind and merciful,

He is gracious to all,

The LORD stands with open arms,

To all who hear his call.

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