When Glory Comes

Peace like a river,

Will flood over my soul,

When glory comes,

Sighing and sorrow,

Will melt away,

When glory comes,

Though times seem so tough,

And the world seems so cold,

We know there is hope,

The LORD gives us freedom

Through the truth of His Word,

Precious hope,

Precious Word,

The LORD is kind and merciful,

He is gracious to all,

The LORD stands with open arms,

To all who hear his call.

He made a way,

For his people,

To lead them out of slavery,

He made a path right through the sea,

The he led them through the wilderness,

Through a land of barren emptiness,

On their way,

To the promised land,

He heard their cries in distress,

When they put The LORD to the test,

But with mercy he fed them,

With heaven’s rich bounty,

He was their rock,

Their bread and their water,

Sending angels to guide them on their way,

Sending angels to guide them on their way.

Every tear will be wiped away,

When The LORD comes,

He will fill our hearts with peace,

A crown of beauty,

Instead of ashes,

The oil of Joy,

Instead of mourning,

A garment of praise,

Instead of heaviness,

Eternal life,

Full and free,

I know where I want to be,

When glory comes,

We will rise higher,

When glory comes,

We are saved from the devouring flame,

Heavenly mansions coming into view,

As this old and sinful world –

Fades away,

When glory comes,

The Lamb takes the throne,

When glory comes,

The LORD takes His people home,

When glory comes,

We will own the name –

Of the chosen people,

Of our God,

When glory comes,

When glory comes,



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