Burnished Bronze’s “Masquerade” – A warning to all seeking Yah (“God”), that we must be aware of the false teachings so accepted by the world, that have caused confusion, suffering and hypocrisy to thrive in this world.

When Yah gives His Word,

what man can dispute it?

Can you make religion out of lies –

and believe that God won’t refute it?

There is a way that seems right to a man,

but in the end it leads to death.

I hope and pray that you will understand,

they tell their lies to feed their greed…

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Burnished Bronze’s “Worthy” – A celebration of the faith for all peoples regardless of race or colour also known as “The Way” – “Messianic Judaism” and “Christianity”.

You are worthy,

Our Messiah,

You are worthy,

To receive,

Honour and glory,

Praise and power,

You created all things good,

By your will they came to be,

You are worthy,

I believe.

I’ll follow you,

No matter what the rebels say,

Trust in you my God.

Whether you’re black, white or brown,

And whether you’re rich, poor, or broke,

Now everyone come praise Yah’s name,

Ever worthy let’s lift Him up.

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