Come Praise With Me

Come praise with me,

Don’t hesitate,

Come praise with me,

The living God,

Come praise me,

Jesus the Christ,

Come praise with me,

In Spirit and truth,

You are my God,

You are my guide,

Your way is clear,

And your way is right,

You are my God,

You are my friend,

Your way is kind,

And your way is wise.

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No Fears

Modern life is so hard,

You go round and round in a maze of progress,

No time to check if our lives are in a mess,

Workin’ real heard but getting paid in stress,

It all seems so sudden when things go wrong,

As a kid I was in a family,

But now it is gone,

My parents split up,

My brother is dead,

There is no love just emptiness instead,

Now how do you feel about this?

I know many just get on with their lives regardless,

Believe me that’s what I try to do,

But I see people hurting,

Don’t you,

People just won’t stick together,

That’s what’s tearing us apart,

I said people just won’t stick together,

I really believe that’s what’s tearing us apart.

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