Spiritual Reality

I don’t know exactly how to thank God –

for what he has done for me,

I’m sure I don’t even understand all of it,

But I do know –

although I am not perfect,

God has made a change for the better –

in my life.

Right now I can look back –

at some of the things I was involved in –

in my life,

I can see how destructive they were,

And that they were slowly,

Destroying me,

I feel like God has opened up –

a new dimension in my mind,

A spiritual reality –

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No Fears

Modern life is so hard,

You go round and round in a maze of progress,

No time to check if our lives are in a mess,

Workin’ real heard but getting paid in stress,

It all seems so sudden when things go wrong,

As a kid I was in a family,

But now it is gone,

My parents split up,

My brother is dead,

There is no love just emptiness instead,

Now how do you feel about this?

I know many just get on with their lives regardless,

Believe me that’s what I try to do,

But I see people hurting,

Don’t you,

People just won’t stick together,

That’s what’s tearing us apart,

I said people just won’t stick together,

I really believe that’s what’s tearing us apart.

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