Spiritual Reality

I don’t know exactly how to thank God –

for what he has done for me,

I’m sure I don’t even understand all of it,

But I do know –

although I am not perfect,

God has made a change for the better –

in my life.

Right now I can look back –

at some of the things I was involved in –

in my life,

I can see how destructive they were,

And that they were slowly,

Destroying me,

I feel like God has opened up –

a new dimension in my mind,

A spiritual reality –

to help me see things as they really are,

Sometimes things are not so pleasant,

But God is always there to encourage –

and tell me there is hope,

God is constantly there to comfort me –

in my fears,

And when God reveals the good things,

I can thank him in my heart,

I will yet praise him,

For he has given us a heavenly hope,

Not for the things of this world,

Which are fading and worthy so little,

But for the things of the world to come,

The perfect eternal prize.

Are your eyes open?

Do you have ears to hear?

Deceptions, misinterpretation,

Corruptions of truth,

Light for dark –

and dark for light,

Error in its brightness is blinding –

a yeast is rising –

and it is hardly surprising –

That the mistakes made in the past –

Are re-appearing – in a new guise,

As he who masquerades smiles –

And exclaims, “Oh what a bright light”!

Freedom or entrapment?

Liberty or chains?

God’s law or man’s traditions?

Are you repairing the breaches –

Or joining the sedition,

Which is best –

to obey the master,

or his servant?

Is yours a beautiful world –

or are your fields never verdant?

Are you a rule to slaves –

Or a slave to these burdensome rules?

Do you admire ants, conies, locusts and lizards –

or rather horses and mules?

Is life realty free –

or are you paying the price?

Are you fine where you are –

or would a cooler cell be nice?

Are you of the many invited –

or of the few that are chosen?

Are you with this world delighted –

or has your conscience been awoken?

Are you being inwardly renewed –

or just looking fine on the outside?

Are you living by faith –

or just puffed up with pride?

Are you on the narrow or broad path?

Headed for the small or wide gate?

Are all God’s ways upright –

or is that still a matter for debate?

A firm position or ambivalence?

The eternal or the fading?

Are Christ’s words forever true –

and the whole truth?

Or do have the liberty to add and subtract from them

when it suits us?

Life is about choices,

And I ask you my friend –

for which do you labour and strive?

To lift up the name and teaching of Yeshua?

Or to lift up the creeping tyranny of the self-exalted one?

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