Podcast 1 – Proverbs 2:12-19 – Spiritual Prostitution and Adultery


Hello my name is Anthony Ewers, I am also the artist on this website who produces all the music and the content that hopefully you will enjoy.

I just wanted to deliver a really short message about, Revelation 17 and how I believe it links into some Proverbs.

I’ve been reading The Proverbs ever since I came back to the faith after some years of backsliding. I sort of came back into the faith in 1999 so it’s been 22 years now and basically at the time when I came back into the faith I was heavily reading The Proverbs. This passage that I’m going to speak about is taken from Proverbs chapter 2 verses 12 – 19. You could read the whole chapter but just for brevity I’m going to read actually from verse 12.

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