This video is about biblical time and it will challenge your perspective about calendars, years, holy festivals, how a day is formed, and perhaps even the origin of the creation universe.

I started working on this video because I became concerned that we may not be following the right calendar in terms of observing the feasts of Yah. For example Pesach (Passover) 2020 was on 8th Apr and in 2021 was on 27th Mar. Therefore, we have effectively observed a year with just had a year with 353 days! Consider the scriptures about “times” like our year, and they seem to revolve around a period of 360 days. If Pesach is on the 14th day of the first month of the year (Leviticus 23:5/6) then we should not be able to have two Pesach celebrations within 360 days. I’m learning too, please share your thoughts with me.

The Sun and The Moon were not created until day four of creation (Genesis 1:14-19). Therefore, biblically speaking, times (similar to our concept of a year), begin on weekday four, our “Wednesday”. Here begins the cycle of counting holy days.

Q: Which Wednesday is the first biblical day of the year?

A: The Wednesday closest to Spring Equinox day will be Aviv 1 signalling the beginning of counting for the New Biblical year, providing at least 364 days have been counted since the last Aviv 1 (note Jubilees 6:30).

And all of the days which will be commanded will be fifty-two weeks of days, and all of them are a complete year. (Jubilees 6:30).

Unlike secular days which start at midnight…

The Bible establishes that days start at sundown and continue until the following sundown, evening first, then morning. Genesis 1:3 states, “So there was evening, and there was morning, one day”. This phrase repeats in Genesis 1:8; 1:13; 1:19; 1:23 & 1:31.

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Spiritual Reality

I don’t know exactly how to thank God –

for what he has done for me,

I’m sure I don’t even understand all of it,

But I do know –

although I am not perfect,

God has made a change for the better –

in my life.

Right now I can look back –

at some of the things I was involved in –

in my life,

I can see how destructive they were,

And that they were slowly,

Destroying me,

I feel like God has opened up –

a new dimension in my mind,

A spiritual reality –

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Mystery Duplicity

All because of the wanton lust of a harlot,

alluring, the mistress of sorceries,

who enslaved nations by her prostitution,

and peoples by her witchcraft.

Mystery duplicity,

Mystery duplicity,

I am against you,

I am against you.

Mystery duplicity,

Mystery duplicity,

I am against you,

I am against you.

I – I am against you,

I – I am against you.

Mystery duplicity,

Mystery duplicity,

I am against you,

I am against you.

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Leaving You Behind

I’m leaving you behind,

(To put) you – right out of my mind,

To start a new day, (I’ll start a new day)

Where all my fears will melt away,

From the sunshine of the Lord’s love,

No need to get away,

For the Lord is my fortress,

My comfort in distress,

There’s no need to drown my sorrows or get high on drugs,

For freedom is truly from above.

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When Glory Comes

Peace like a river,

Will flood over my soul,

When glory comes,

Sighing and sorrow,

Will melt away,

When glory comes,

Though times seem so tough,

And the world seems so cold,

We know there is hope,

The LORD gives us freedom

Through the truth of His Word,

Precious hope,

Precious Word,

The LORD is kind and merciful,

He is gracious to all,

The LORD stands with open arms,

To all who hear his call.

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Word Games And Half Truths

Word Games And Half Truths

In this world,

Satan has his plan,

To blind us to the truth,

By using men of corrupt hearts,

Who are blinded by sins pleasures,

Who say God’s word is harsh,

And we can break his rules,

Some don’t say it,

But that’s the way they play it,

Feeding on the people’s sin,

Many fall right into their traps,

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